I knew you years ago.

We went well together; I knew exactly how you worked.

I knew your rhythm, how the ebbs and flows went, I understood you.

We spent years apart. Not your fault nor mine. I needed to learn myself before indulging in you again. I couldn’t find a way to connect with you. Nothing made sense. Nothing felt sincere. It wasn’t right.

Now you’re back in my life. I’m learning me and you. Together and apart. It’s been gradual and interesting. I’ve missed it. But I’m still conscious of the time apart. How I felt without you. I’m learning how you can be an asset to my life; figuring out your place. Will this be what I’ve needed all along?

I take it day by day, reading and listening, learning and throwing myself out there. It’s a scary act, writing. But here I am, toes in the water, seeing where life takes me.

– Lizzie KJ