Tonight I struggle to tell you how you make me feel, just like every other day that I’ve conversed with you.

You’re fragile. There’s only so much I can say to you without you twisting my words and making me feel guilty. But we’re both adults. We should know how to handle relationships now, shouldn’t we?

Shouldn’t you?

We’ve worked through this time and again. And yet, you hurt me… deep to my core; right where it hurts the most.

It’s like you know what I hold within the heart that I wear so proudly on my sleeve. And then
Without warning or time to defend myself

You’re vicious and selfish in the words you throw at me. You don’t care about my current state or all I’ve been through to get to the very place that I am.

You don’t care about my extreme episode of depression from two years back, or even my current episode (SURPRISE… You’d know if you’d take a second to ask about ME), you just speak without thinking.

You just speak…
You don’t ask…
You want me to listen?
How can I pretend to care when I know it’s all about you?

It’s all always about you.

You don’t ask about me.
You just speak what’s on your mind.

— Lizzie KJ