The Sun.

A lot has gone on since I last wrote. A lot.

Most importantly… I’m good. I feel good, am doing well, I look good (yeah, I said it) and life is good.

Even my therapist told me that in all the time that she’s known me — 2.5 years — that I’m the happiest she’s ever seen me. Do you know how F U C K I N G great that feels?!

The sun is back out. It’s hard to make it stay out all year long, every day, but for now it’s out and it’s shining like it’s never shined before.

I didn’t come back to write about how ‘fantastic’ life is. I just came back to write. To get my toes back in the water. I’ve missed it. I let so much other crap consume me, while my laptop sits on a desk in a dark and dank basement, and I stop writing. My resolution was to write more.

Here I am. I’m good.

— Lizzie KJ