Catch-Up & Vacation.

If you’ve followed my previous blogs throughout the past few years you’d know that I don’t vacation often. Honestly, the last time I could say I took a vacation was October of 2017; nearly two whole years ago.

Buttttt, as of today my boyfriend and I booked a flight to New Orleans, Louisiana for 5 nights! We’ve both never been and we didn’t get to celebrate our 3-year anniversary on-time so we’ll be heading down on Sunday morning!

We had a few places in mind; I wanted to go to San Juan, Puerto Rico and we both were very interested in going to Nashville, Tennessee but both were very expensive with such short time to plan everything. The reasons we even waited so long was to make sure that he would have the week off from work to be able to travel and to figure out when he would be back home; he travels for a living.

A lot of changes have been going on, both before my most recent post and after, with work and home and life… etc etc. But; it’s all good things and I’ve been doing well with coping with all of the changes (something I’ve always struggled with). Here’s a list format, to sum it all up:

  • After working for a physical therapy clinic, I put my two-weeks in and left in April.
  • I started working for a small start-up company with hopes to climb up the ladder.
  • Two, very short, months later I’ve been in the process of a promotion in which I’ll be able to travel the country (United States; mainland) [Yes, my boyfriend and I will both be traveling for work, but separately].
  • I stopped taking my anxiety medicine and use CBD oil.
  • While all of this was going on my boyfriend and I were finalizing when we would move out from his parents’ home — which (finally) seems to be within this weekend / next weekend. There’s been a lot of factors that have pushed moving in sooner, I’m just glad to be able to start packing up and moving on.

The fact that we didn’t finalize where we were going (or when or literally anything else about the trip) until today really got my anxiety trippin’. BUT, I’ve weaned myself (with my therapist’s knowledge and go-ahead) off of my anxiety medicine and started using CBD oil. It really helps me calm myself down in specific situations instead of relying (and spending the money) on medication daily. I like that I can control my own body and I knowing that fact. It, ironically, helps with my anxiety.

Writing it out, it doesn’t seem like too much of anything has changed. It has for me, and they’re huge moments for me and my mental health. I’m ready to get after all of the new changes.

But first — vacation.

Any recommendations on where and /or what to do in New Orleans? Please feel free to leave me a comment! 🙂

— Lizzie KJ