New Office Supplies!

I’m writing to test out all of the new supplies I just got in from Amazon this afternoon. So far, as I begin this post, I’ve sat here for nearly 5 minutes with them all; I’m in love. **I want to first put here that none of these are ads, nor was I paid to share this, I’m just excited and am sharing brands / details in case y’all were wanting to look into the items.**

I’ve always (well, not always, but for the past several years) had back problems and have struggled to find something to ease my back pains as I sat to write. I’ve tried small pillows, large pillows, soft and firm pillows, I’ve tried some weird back support pillow from Amazon that was like $20… none of it helped. This also led me to not want to sit at a desk due to the fact that I would get uncomfortable within, I don’t know, a half hour.
— BUT! I searched for quite some time to find what most reviewers claimed to be the best. And at this point I was willing to spend what it took (which apparently isn’t that much!) to have a comfortable seat at my desk. The brand is “SOFTaCARE”; it’s not only a cushion for your back but for your butt as well! I would have never thought that the combination was necessary but sitting on the cushion gives you leverage and support needed to align your back to the cushion it needs. It’s an orthopedic memory foam so I’m hoping it lasts me a long time. If not, it was only ~$38 so if I need to buy another set in a few years, so be it.

I have a weird love for my laptop’s keyboard. I like that it’s low profile but that I can still feel the keys. I tried using one of those gaming keyboards lent to me while I found my own preferences and I couldn’t stand the click-clacking of them, I nearly lost my mind. My vibe when I write usually involves a coffee, John Mayer or Sam Smith Pandora stations, my pup by my side and a candle burning; I don’t want to have a click-clack with every letter I press (which some days can be a hell of a lot of clickity-clack).
— I was able to find a perfect little keyboard and mouse set for $23 in which both are silent, smooth and ergonomic. The brand is “Jelly Comb”; the keyboard is a little under a foot long (AND THE KEYS ARE LITTLE BUBBLES) but I’m petite so it works perfectly for me. My arms are still right by my sides and it’s flat enough that I don’t need a wrist support pad. The mouse I used all throughout college was teeny and portable so I honestly have been using that for the past… (sheesh) 7 years. I didn’t ever pay it any mind until it was pointed out to me that it was so small that it made me cup my hand higher than usual. The new mouse that came with the keyboard is long and thin, which fits perfectly for my lanky hands, and (again) is ergonomic as well. What I especially love is that, since they’re a pair, you only need one little USB dongle to be able to use both.

The final thing I got, that I just think is cool – it doesn’t help with any previous discomforts I’ve had, is a metal mouse pad. Yeah, you read that correctly: metal. The other side to it is what they call PU leather, it’s double-sided (so you could flip it if the metal doesn’t work for your mouse or if it’s too cold) but I like the metal feel. There isn’t an exact brand but it’s sold by “VAYDEER” if you want to check it out, mine was $10. I bought it in ‘small silver’ which seems to be relative to any other mouse pad you’d find in an office store, it’s just a little slimmer – I think.

All of these products come in different colors (some have different sizes) but since my desk is a silver metal with a black glass top, my laptop is black and my monitor is black with silver finishes, I got all of my new items to match accordingly. Yes, I’m that kind of person *hair flip*. But really, I love for things to match and look as they all came / were bought together.

Feel free to reach out with questions *even though, to be honest, I went through tons of reviews to make my choices; I’m by no means a professional when it comes to what to choose between items*. (But I do have friends who know more than me who gave me the proper keywords to search and may be able to help me answer any of your questions).

Thanks for reading! I’m so excited, I specifically wrote this post so I could sit here and test all of these new products, and I’m still in love with them all. Happy Tuesday!

Enjoy the rest of your week! xoxx

— Lizzie KJ