hello & welcome!

I started this blog (my third and most intimate) as my New Year resolution.

I write naturally, wholeheartedly and about my own personal life.
I’m a young woman diagnosed with chronic major depression and anxiety. I’m not afraid to say it because it doesn’t define me.

I’ve created this as an outlet for myself because writing has helped me for years to deal with my anxiety and depression. I also hope to be able to connect with / to others with similar personal issues — I didn’t have people who were so open about mental illnesses when I truly needed it so I’m hoping to be that for those who may need it.

I truly appreciate you stopping by, from the bottom of my heart, even if it’s this page or one single blog post. Writing is a true hobby of mine and I love to share it; please feel free to share, comment and like. Thank you again, enjoy!

— Lizzie KJ